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the duty-free shops in Asmara and Addis Ababa; the latter being the largest of its kind in the world, offering the most diverse range of products. After her hidden centuries, Ethiopia awaits you-speeds to meet you at the very commencement of your journey... aboard Ethiopian.
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A naturally hospitable and gregarious land, Ethiopia delights in pampering the visitor with comfort and courtesy. Wherever you travel, your accommodation will be arranged in modern hotels or road inns with excellent food-both local and international-and superb service. As a contrast to your journeyings in the living past and amidst unrivalled scenic beauties, you will find modern restaurants, bars and night-clubs in Addis Ababa, the capital, and in Asmara. But like the few who have visited Ethiopia before you, you will probably soon discover the delights of mixing with the people "at the local" tasting lei, the mildly-heady honey wine and experimenting, with increasing relish, with typical Ethiopian dishes. While many beauty spots and historic sites are easily reached, by excellent roads, with car, Land Rover or Jeep (or mule for the more adventurous), Ethiopian Airlines operates a network of 43 destinations within the country, making it possibleto reach many widely- separated places hitherto inaccessible to the visitor by virtue of location or pressure of time. In addition to its busy domestic network, Ethiopian Airlines flies to three continents, is the only FAA and ARB-certified airline in Africa, with a 25 year unblemished record of flying experience. Its international services are operated with Boeing 707/720 Fan Jets, its domestic services with DC-6 and DC-3, all serviced in its own fully- equipped maintenance centre in Addis Ababa. More and more passengers warm to the in-flight service, provided by multi-national, multi-lingual cabin crews, some wearing national dress. The finest spirits and wines are available, while the superb cuisine is supervised by the former personal Swiss chef of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. A wide range of duty-free articles are available for purchase on board, while Ethiopian Airlines' cabin and ground staff are happy to help you with advice and assistance in making purchases at
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