Kagnew Station Patch

Kagnew Station's Final Days
Disposition of Vehicles
by Lawrence Young


I posed a question to Larry about the disposition of those vehicles, cars, motorcycles, etc. that got us around while we were there and here is his reply.

They are probably still there in some shape or another. We had impounded all the remaining vehicles after the Navy pulled out, in an unremembered off-base location. We had the use of the ones we felt we needed to use, along with an "official" grey USN International Scout we used on the runs between Tract E and Tract B, along with every other unofficial use to run to town, which was everyday.

I still had my 62 Ford Falcon, and a few of the other fellows had cars as well. Most of us "borrowed" motorcycles for personal use.

I think the Consulate had official control over them, but we had access to the keys. This came in handy, especially for me one afternoon. I was driving several of my buds in town on a food run, in the official Scout, and being the typical American young-guy Kamikaze, was driving too fast around a corner of a narrow street when I ran pretty much head-on into a local driving his car. Literally no damage to our vehicle, of course, but pretty much demolished his car. Fortunately, no injuries of any consequence to any passengers, but the remedy was to let him go to the storage area and take his pick of any car from the lot. He decided on one of the newer (were there any newer cars there?) Karma Ghias, and that ended the issue. I thanked the consulate and my OIC for allowing this solution, saving me some severe headaches of official consequence.

I imagine the vehicles were confiscated by the reigning government lackeys after the final pullout from Kagnew...
Larry Young