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Kagnew Station's
Final Days

NewTom Daly who was involved with the Charleston reunion has sent me a great story on the final days of Kagnew Station. Here is his note:

"A true-copy of the "Last Seven Days of Kagnew Station", recording the daily events of April 1977 and the actions of the US Navy Communications Unit. It is a compelling story to read as well as a document that helps all of us who served at Kagnew with first-person experiences far different that what our's may have ben. LT Dick Fahner's presentation during the Charleston was spell-binding..."

Below is a link to the PDF file covering April 23rd-29th, 1977. This recount of the events is by Captain T. L. Harding, USN.

Tip: This is a large file so if your internet speed is not the greatest, use your browser option to download a copy to store on your computer or device. Then you won't have to download everytime you want to see it.

The Last Seven Days of Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia

Don Strickland sent me a note about a post by John Morris on the Yahoo groups Kagnew Station. I tried to contact John to get his permission to post it but his email address is invalid. I'll go ahead and put it online so if anyone is in contact with John, please have him contact me with his new address.

I received a note from Ken Crouse who served at the consulate from late May 1975 to Christmas, 1975. He has some news clippings from the attacks that took place in the September 1975 timeframe and has scanned them for you to read. Very interesting, enjoy it.

The Daily Democrat, Woodland-Davis, CA. September 1975. (Adobe PDF)

This is the 1st entry in Todd's dialogue on the "final days" of Kagnew Station. I've been in contact with Todd over the months and he has graciously accepted my offer to share his thoughts on the closing of Kagnew. I hope you will enjoy this as there has been much interest and questioning as to what it was like. CWO3 Todd D. Conley was Technical Control Officer at Kagnew 1975-77. His unit was NCTAMS EURCENT, formerly NAVCAMS MED and he was to write a series of articles on the final days of Kagnew. I have since lost contact with Todd and can not find him so this may be his one and only entry for this page. My last contact with him was at a Naval station in Naples, Italy. If anyone knows what has happened to Todd please email me and let me know. Let's hope he's ok and is just out of touch.

I recently received a note from Clark Hill, who also was involved with the final days of Kagnew. I have asked him to write his thoughts and he has agreed to contribute to the page.f Here is his original message with a brief summary about the end.

Larry Young has sent in some notes about his experience at the end. Sounds like everyone there should have been awarded combat pay.